Gallery April to August 2020

This is a collection of pictures from April to August 2020. You will find information and more details in the monthly Coronavirus journals.

August 2020

Inspired by July’s activity

July 2020

Creating a ‘ZOOM-type’ page without as computer!

A collage

Embroidery created by machine and felting

Making bread at home

June 2020


Wire sculpture

Psalm 104

Building a temple – completed!

May 2020

The difference that Easter makes

Mask accessories

A reflection


Using our skills

April 2020

Mary and the Holy Spirit

Knitting the Lord’s Prayer


Easter celebration


Hama butterfly

Digital art

Pentecostal egg

A song of the stairway

In the waiting room of God


November 2019 Gallery


Building a Temple

Felting (‘a pile of fluff’)



Birthday Cake


At the end of the morning, we usually sing
‘Benediction’ by Matt Redman & Jonas Myrin

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
May the Lord smile on you,
Shine His light upon you.
May the Lord lift you,
Turn His face towards you,
Give you His peace, give you His peace . . .

Go now in peace . . .

Victoria taught us how to ‘sign’ the lyrics

Here are three short videos showing the session:-

Learning to sign 1

Learning to sign 2

First run-through