May 2024 Gathering

14th May


The story of Henry Francis Lyte, the author of the well-known hymn

Abide with me

The aisle was ablaze with Pentecost themed fabric in red and orange with flames dancing (metaphorically) in a large picture.

Alex welcomed us to the morning and we began by singing “Abide with me” Then a time of prayer before singing; “Holy Spirit, we welcome you”.
Jan K gave a talk based on the life of Henry Lyte – poet, priest and writer of the hymn. Interestingly, it is mostly sung at funerals, also football and rugby matches.

Sue then described most of the activities for the morning, and Jenny described the origami challenge to make and string doves for a tree display.

There were tables for pastels or watercolour painting with a theme of flames. The effect was tremendous.

There was a colouring table, great for exchanging views on the world today.

There was also the usual opportunity for quiet, contemplative, prayerful knitting.

David M encouraged anyone inclined to join him and his guitar, later in the morning for a short singing session. This provided background music and was greatly enjoyed, it will be repeated!

The writing focus was to take inspiration from the hymn or from the gospel readings about the coming of Holy Spirit, with three very different results.

The conversations abounded around the tables and we were kept refreshed by Clive, Lyn and Pam.

We ended the morning’s activities by gathering to share our efforts. The origami doves were admired and Jenny was praised for her good tuition and endless patience, while she praised the group for perseverance!

A lunch followed with soup, lovingly made by Jan K, this month it was cucumber lettuce and tomato, or bean soup! There was bread, cheese, fruit and home-made cakes, too. Around the tables, there was a welcome opportunity to catch up with each other.

We hope you will come and join us next month on Tuesday June 11th 2024 for what has become our annual picnic and our last meeting before the summer break. Coffee from 10.00, followed by worship and activities, with lunch around 12.30