April 2024 Gathering

9th April


The story behind the song
What a friend we have in Jesus
written by Joseph Scriven

Now we have reached April and we await the warmth of Spring Sunshine, however the warmth of Alex’s welcome radiated through our gathering as Alex greeting friends old and new.

The aisle was decorated with information concerning our topic for the day – Joseph Scriven the author of “What a friend we have in Jesus.”

The project to make a large, cross shaped hanging, devised of individually designed and sewn hessian squares is complete, is truly beautiful and was revealed as part of the Easter decoration of the church.

We commenced by singing “What a friend we have in Jesus” and “Jesus Christ my living hope” which were followed by prayers.

Barbara gave a talk based on the life of  Joseph Medlicott Scriven. His life was full of tragedies both in Ireland and Ontario, Canada!

Sue then described most of the activities for the morning, and Judith described the many varieties of art possible just using our own hands as the template.

There were interesting wooden boxes to decorate, both elegant and practical, explained by Alison.

The prayer beads involved pattern of 33 beads, representing the 33years in Jesus’ life, and were arranged in a repeat pattern of 7 plus 1:


David M encouraged a small group of singers to begin to learn a new tune to a traditional hymn, and to learn the words and music of a Spiritual which he composed to words from Barbara’s February poem.

The writing focus was to take the pattern of the beads and using inspiration, such as a list of words, from the Hymn, and weave a piece of writing or a poem. The results are available on our creative writing page.

There were also the usual opportunities for quiet, contemplative, prayerful knitting.

Thanks to Pam fore the endless supply of tea and coffee.

We ended the mornings activities by gathering to share our efforts; and a performance (indeed, a world premier!) of the Spiritual “Carry me away”

A lunch followed with soup, made by Jan K, this month it was apple lentil and tomato, or carrot and coriander soup. Delicious as always.

There was bread, cheese, fruit and home-made cakes too around the tables. There was a welcome opportunity to catch up with each other.

We hope you will come and join us next month on Tuesday May 14th 2024. Coffee from 10.00, followed by worship and activities, with lunch around 12.30