June 2024 Gathering

11th June


The hymn writer of the day was Melody Green, author of “There is a redeemer”, which she wrote in 1976.

The aisle was decorated with a wonderful, floral, summer fabric and a basket of flowers to symbolise God’s abundance.

Alex welcomed us enthusiastically to the last morning before the summer break, and introduced a new member, our new Vicar Rev Sarah Carwardine. She was made most welcome by everyone.

We began by singing “There is a redeemer” Then a time of prayer before singing once more.

Jan B gave a talk based on the life of Melody and her husband Keith Green. She had also composed other songs throughout her life, which has been another sad, sometimes tragic story.

Sue then described some of the activities for the morning.

There were tables for book making from 1 sheet of paper. Decorated with watercolour painting or pastels. The effect of both was amazing, as was the folding technique. The whirr of a hairdryer to speed up the process made for an interesting diversion.

Cherry explained her activity, Kanzashi flowers; made by puckering and stitching with a floral centre “bunged” on.

Alison’s table was described as a Calico fabric on an embroidery ring, decorated with stem stitch and seed stitch! The results were delicately beautiful.

There was a still life table with a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables, aubergine, oranges, peppers and grapes abounded, to draw and colour with pastels.

There was also the usual opportunity for quiet, contemplative, prayerful knitting.

The writing focus was to take inspiration from the many hymns, about which we have learned the history. A selection of some of the words was provided as a starting point.

The conversations buzzed around every table as we were kept refreshed by Pam.

We ended the mornings activities by gathering to share our creative efforts.
The still life “turned out juicy”. The time spent here, was described as “Here we take our time and that allows the seeds of expression to grow”. All groups were highly praised. The team leaders were thanked and we ended with prayer.

We them moved to the Magdalene room for a glorious social gathering, an indoor picnic! What a bountiful feast donated by our wonderful members.

We now take a summer break until Tuesday October 8th 2024. When we will return refreshed and eager to see you.

As usual, coffee will be from 10.00am, followed by worship and activities, with lunch around 12.30