May 2022 Gathering

May 10th

We began with an introduction from Alex followed by singing “Praise is rising” which together with “He is lord” was accompanied by some of our musicians; thus, setting the scene for an active and creative morning.

Mother Theresa

Alex led us in a time of prayer and reflection, and then Jan Kear gave a fascinating talk and biography of Mother Theresa as part of our series looking at the lives of influential Christians or “Heroes of Faith.”

What a full and interesting life led by this remarkable woman! Her work in the poorest areas of Kolkata [Calcutta] was true missionary zeal.

Sue, Alex and Alison explained the activities for the morning: some Indian crafts, regular activities and the start of a project for next month’s “feeding of the five thousand”.

There was a very popular table with Rangoli patterns using glue, stencils and powder paint with glitter and also one with stamps to design a Mandala pattern, involving great concentration, meditation and care.

Then we had expert tuition from Alison who introduced Mudroc!
Figures were fashioned using strips of paper and damp strips of Mudroc, wrapped in layers around pipe cleaner figures of all shapes and sizes and postures.
Some dexterity was required and it sparked plenty of conversation. This activity will continue in June.

The prayerful knitting was available as well as a colouring activity, which are very calming.

The coffee was plentiful, thank you Pam, and aided the creative writing.

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At the end of the morning we learned the song ‘Jesus the Lord said I am the bread’, delightfully accompanied by an Appalachian dulcimer, a Shruti, an Indian drum and Indian bells.

There was the opportunity to share our art work, creative writing and feelings.


Our next meeting is planned for Tuesday June 14th from 9.30, with (fingers crossed) a picnic lunch in the quiet garden!!

Please come and join us, but do check this site or our Facebook page before your journey to make sure the session is not cancelled!