May Writing 2022


Light our souls to walk your path Lord
Lighten heavy burdens and pain.
Ignite candles in every dark corner
Ignite hope to conquer despair and fear.
Greet the unexpected with new light
Greet all travellers with love.
Help us to be people of light
Help the world to reflect in heavenly glory.
Take the glory of the resurrection into all hearts
Take our praise and thanks Lord.


© Helen McNicholl Kingdom Arts May 2022

Shine your light Lord.

Where does Your light shine Lord?
It shines for me:
through soft falling rain in sunlight
through giant rainbows
through a lightening flash.

It shines:
through the drifting fragrance of Hawthorn blossom
the scent of lily of the valley
the smell of ripe tomatoes on the vine
and good red wine.

It shines:
through the sound of children playing outdoors
through laughter
through water trickling into a pool bubbling over stones
through voices raised in songs of praise
through music.

It shines:
through the eyes of a loved one
through a soft touch or gentle kiss
through smiles
through a hand held in friendship.

Your light shines throughout Your world.
Lord let Your light shine through me.

© Barbara Rolison Kingdom Arts 10.05.22

Mother Teresa

Kind lady, you who did not race
I see the love in your gentle face.
Your skin, wrinkled now, like it’s paid a price
For the goodness you’ve sown throughout your life.

You’re so small but you have lived
A life so full, so very big.
Small acts of kindness now multiplied
By the love of Jesus, the One who died.

The life He gave you, you’ve lived so well
Rescuing those who, truth to tell,
Had lost all hope, had no-one to care,
Would have died alone, but you were there.

The broken hearts, the broken lives,
Sickness and poverty, part of life’s demise.
Family and friends who once stayed to care
Worn out by grief were no longer there.

But you, my dear one, stayed and stayed
Until the end, life in death displayed.
This grace you carry, this life so true
Has sustained and strengthened you.

‘Tis clear to all who care to look,
This love of God, outside the book,
Gives power and strength to overcome
The visible shame which some would shun.

And you have proved beyond all doubt,
If we but yield He will lead us out
Of our comfort zones, our easy chairs,
To lead a life as one who dares

To follow His lead. Where will we go
Trusting only Him, when we do not know
The time, the place, the cost, the pain?
This much we know…It’s not in vain!

Ruth Campsall May 2022