March 2021 Journal

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Join us on our Easter Journey

10.30 -12.00

Have your Hot Cross Buns ready!
Make your own Cross
or find out how to make one here on the Kingdom Arts website
(see March 8th below)

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March 3rd


Imbolc or Imbolg, also called St. Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival marking renewal, resurgence, and the beginning of Spring. It was traditionally held on 1st February. It lands about halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. (Wikipedia)

Shefali writes:

It’s not been easy to get started.

I wasn’t sure I was ready to break out wake up to begin to arise, part of me is still not sure.

But yesterday I started to dig my garden for first time, to clear leaves etc. and as I did I looked for signs of cracks in earth, looking for signs of life, the miracle of hope that seeds had survived and, there it was, a few light green shoots starting to appear.

In this lockdown it held magic and beauty for me and that night I cried as I was thankful things had survived underground, when there seems no life and all is dead, when in my own journey I grieve for many loved ones I have lost this year to untimely death and my thought of whether I too will ever survive and rise again.

There it was, hope cracking open the earth to find its way on its journey of life. Waking up a song I have yet to sing, here be picked in my drawing. It just developed.

She and He came, moon and sun together, the awakening to possibilities.

And I am reminded of Song of Songs, chapter 2

Awake, wake up, rise up and come away, the winter is past, flowers are appearing, the season of singing is coming.

Hope arises.

© Shefali, February 2021

March 8th


For our Easter Zoom meeting, we invite you to think about The Cross and to join us as we travel towards our individual Easter journeys.

To help you do this we would like you to make your own cross in any way you wish. We are posting a few ideas to get you inspired.

Sue says:

Whilst on retreat a while back I came across this little book –

Making Crosses by Ellen Morris Prewitt

It gives encouragement to pray through the making of crosses. The crosses in the book are constructed from natural materials or found objects. They are simply made. It is a chance to use what we perhaps regard as rubbish and to give it new meaning, or to take something already imbued with beauty, in order that we can concentrate on our feelings of love, awe and gratitude for God.
The pictures below need no explanation as to how they were made, but the cross put together with two pieces of Welsh slate holds significance for me and is a reminder of a particular Easter when my life was at a turning point. The actual making of the cross helped me to focus on God.
Have a go, be creative with what you can find in your house or garden.

You will be able to show any cross you make to others at the Easter Zoom meeting. We look forward to seeing your efforts.

Examples from Sue:

Examples from Vikki:

These last three are made from wooden clothes pegs.

If you would like to see more detailed instructions for Designs 1 and 2
click here >> Making peg crosses

March 9th


Early morning Spring mists clear,
revealing Mother God’s nurtured Earth.
Restless to reveal hidden treasures,
as ladies-in-waiting
count the days towards new life.

But only God knows the day and time
for mothers and Earth to give birth,
rejoicing at the wonder of the Holy gifts.
With nodding snowdrops ringing joy,
birds joining the chorus.


A counterpane of royal gold and purple,
spreading over gardens and verges.
Soft, soothing greens
beginning to cover the land.

While mothering hands tend receptive young,
fulfilling needs and giving love.
Encouraging them to cross over
the rocking suspension bridge of life,
preparing for the path ahead.

Like resilient, reliable daisies
that brave the winter storms and trampling feet,
ready for future moral battle,
to weave threads of joy and peace
amongst the tangled threads
of pain, loneliness and fear.
Strengthened and upheld
with the constant Mother love of God.