December 2019 Gathering

10th December 2019

Women in the Bible: Mary

With Advent in full swing and Christmas nearly upon us, the theme of women in the bible continued with the story of Mary and the annunciation and birth of Jesus according to Luke chapter 1 from Verse 26.

Alex welcomed everyone and there followed praise and singing of favourite carols accompanied by our wonderful musicians and vocalists and a reflection on the story led by Rev. Peter.

Some seasonal activities had been organised and the floral decoration session led by Jan T enabled the making of a Christmas a wreath or table decoration and was very popular. There will be a special handmade decoration in many houses.

David’s task to reconstruct a temple building continued to enthral and exasperate as it is work in progress demanding team work, craft skills and concentration.

Another task involved clay and was to design and mould nativity figures whilst a new activity was the design a Christmas icon using a variety of paints and brushes. Imagination and careful hands meant that some amazing images were produced.

We also had the opportunity to admire some creative work from South America. These stars were produced by a Ladies’ Cooperative in Lima, Peru.

The creative writing activity promoted some discussion about the meaning of the crib and what gift one could truly give him. The resulting work was wonderful.


Mary, Mary your face is a picture…
Has something happened?

For a while I couldn’t catch my breath…
everything had changed but outside of myself all looked the same.
How could I tell them I just seen an Angel
With a message for one…
Who am I – that he should single me out?

My heart, my ears, my thoughts are all alive.
With the sound of many words as the Angel told me of what will be.

I am to bear a child… little insignificant me… not just any baby… a holy child….
My insides were filling up with warmth, hope of a promise that was growing in me….

A seed planted… and I was changed for ever – who am I… Mary…  that you should show such Favour and as I stood there quaking with growing excitement.
Mingled with fear I heard a new song forming and opening my mouth.
Rivers of living water tumbled out in words of sheer emotion and praise…

It’s not about me, Mary,
It’s about who Jesus is


© Shefalie, Kingdom Arts December 2019

The work of the morning was displayed, celebrated and admired with some explanation by participants.

David M led a music session teaching us to sing “Mary did you know” which enhanced the final candlelit worship led by Alex, when we were joined in prayer and harmony.

Finally we celebrated the coming of Christmas with our shared lunch of soup (either chestnut & orange or a really nice spicy soup, the ingredients of which I have forgotten!), bread, cheese, grapes and seasonal cakes and convivial conversation.

We wish you all A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our first meeting of the new year with tea and coffee at 9:30.
Tuesday January 14th : Anna and Simeon.

You may well have noticed we are trying a new style of report this month, with the photographs and writing included within the report.

If you just wish to look through all the photographs,
you can still see the Gallery