December 2018 Gathering

11th December 2018

“The Pearl of Great Price”
Matthew 13:45-46

A glittering cloth of gold set with the nativity scene and pearls in shells greeted us this morning as we sang ‘Hark the Herald Angels’ accompanied by our accomplished musicians, and welcomed new members to the group.

This was followed by a humorous piece “The Three Gossips” featuring three of our thespian colleagues! This was a short sketch about the village where Mary lives. The reading was a short text from Matthew and the significance of Jesus as the pearl was well explained by Alex.
To meet the cast and see an excerpt from the performance, see below.

The first activity offered was to use Lego and additional “dainty props” for the stable, the shepherds and the wise men. This was accompanied by artistically painted backdrops to set the scene. This was later described as “an excellent team effort” and “the most up market stable.” They are to remain in church this week for other groups to appreciate.

There were some most attractive ceramic baubles to design and paint with acrylic. They were truly spectacular and will grace several trees.

This month, David New’s challenge was an origami shell, delicate to look at and skilfully made.

The creative writing table was full of purposeful endeavour and self-expression with themes of Advent, Pearls and Crackers.

David M held a most enjoyable singing workshop to learn a new Christmas song which we hope to feature on the website in due course.

We ended with discussion of the morning’s activities, worship and prayer followed by delicious chestnut and orange soup.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and please remember to visit the Christmas tree exhibition in the Cathedral when maybe you will feel inspired to vote for the Kingdom Arts Christmas tree!! {Voting is also available on the Cathedral website}.
Our next meeting will be on January 8th we do hope to see you then.

A delicious new soup was offered for lunch, spinach, pea and pesto which was greatly enjoyed by many with the alternative potato and leek, accompanied by bread, cheese and home-made cake alongside plenty of conversations.

Our 1st meeting in 2019 is on Tuesday January 8th.
We will be delighted if you would join us.

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