2018 Christmas Tree News

Worcester Cathedral Christmas Tree Festival

If you joined us in November, or if you have seen November’s report, you will know that we were producing stars and figures for a Christmas tree to be on display at the Christmas Tree Festival in Worcester Cathedral.

Some of the work was not finished on the day, so a group of willing volunteers(?) got together to sort everything out.

The tree is now proudly displayed in the cathedral, and you can visit and see all of the trees or look at the cathedral website and see some of them.

We are very pleased and proud to announce that our tree has been chosen as one of the top ten trees on display! There is an opportunity for visitors and website viewers to vote for their favourite tree. If you have the time to visit, please do. The trees look quite stunning in the subdued light and theĀ  display is well worth the effort.

You might even decide that our tree is the best and vote for it!

The Tree Festival runs from 8 December to 3 January. There is no charge; however you may wish to make a donation via one of the barrels to support the Cathedral and its work.