December 2018 Writing


Let us pull our crackers with joy,
Lord may our loud bangs stop live battles for ever.
The spilling gifts as of old, echo joys our children long for.
Remembering gifts of shepherds and kings,
Foretelling the saviour’s future and our salvation.
Hats to make merriment tousled hair and helping us smile.
Riskiness of puzzles to stretch our brains, and bring forth laughter.
But the longed for treasure is within God’s hands,
Growing layer upon layers years go by
The pearl we seek and treasure through life everlasting.

© December 2018 Helen McNicollMavis


Waiting for God’s only son
Knowing he’s a Special child
Choosing Nazarene maiden Mary
Telling Joseph

Summoning to Royal David’s city
Bumping along the trodden pathways
Pleading for a resting place
Birthing a boy

Blinding Angels in a mass
Lighting up the hillside, shepherds knew
Hastening they came to see
Glorifying God

Guiding the star shone
Searching for the new born King
Worshipping the Christ Child
Seeking Peace

© December 2018, Barbara Rolison

Heaven’s Herald

If no news is good news, then tell me, why does bad news travel fast?
If strength of souls is unity; then have we love that has to last.
If comfort is the warmth of hearts, in harmony with joy:
Or healing are the words of truth, no labour can employ.
Then LORD please send word of your truth, your promise and your plan:
That every woman, man and child can grow and stand, beneath your crown.
Your Kingdom Come, on Earth be done,
The will of what was with Your Son.
Your will on Earth be done.

© December 2018, John Pugh

The Shells Story

Sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor
Moving with the waves, who are moved by the wind,
Changing direction in the currents of the world.
My shell opening just a little to take in the nutrients.
Oh Wow! What is this, grit !! I struggle opening and closing my shell
I am unable to get rid of it and it will make a sore place.

Rolling it in the silk of my membrane makes it smooth and round.
After months of rolling it has become smooth and hard,
When the shell opens with the tide it gleams in the light,
Illuminating my inside and the ocean floor,
My shell grows to accommodate the shining,
I hear voices from divers, they are talking about pearls,
“Pearls of great price”

Is this what I have become, a shelter,
A shell that creates, moves with the forces of nature,
Providing a thing of beauty, gracing those who walk in the world.

Creation given for all, creating something new,
Revealed for those who choose to look and feel, and to reflect light
To change into the pearl of great price.


Winter dark and still
Stark black branches and twigs.
Standing against the blue , blue sky.
Late winter blooms fading and changing,
Early spring bulbs peaking through brown earth.
Colouring creation, colouring our lives.
Things hidden in secret
Seeds in the dark earth,
Cold and damp breaking that shell of new life,
Waiting, waiting, waiting.