September 2017 Gathering

12th September 2017

“I am the Gate”

The sight of a sheepfold, surrounded by pebbles with a traditional farm gate at the end greeted the arrivals at the start of a new year of Kingdom Arts. The sheep were fortunately printed onto fabric!

The theme was “I am the gate for the sheep” (John chapter 10 verses 1-10), the inspiration for the morning, followed by songs and prayer.

Sue, having composed new music, skilfully added the chorus:
I am the Gate and I am the Way. Whoever enters by me will be saved.

(Editor: We hope to have a recording of this music on the site in the near future).

Later some of us chose decorative mosaic tiles to create beautiful sheepfolds, an activity much enjoyed, while others tackled making a replica of the wooden farm gate, complete with hinges and a bolt. The silent concentration was evident in several tasks.

Cards were produced using lolly sticks to create a gate on the front and a written verse inside. Nimble fingers carefully arranged the sticks and glued them in place before writing on the gate.

A new challenge of paper folding resulted in squeals of delight when the 3 D “object” christened “the chatterer” was successfully completed, followed by groans when it had to be unfolded to write on and be decorated.

A highlight was the singing lesson led by David M which inspired many of our group and the wonderful performance at the end of the morning of “You are my hiding place.” It was a most fitting end to a very good beginning for our 3rd year.

Refreshments of most delicious soup followed, made by our brave stand in Chef Jan B. [The red pepper and lentil was my favourite]. The cake was great too.

It was a joy to welcome new faces to our group and we look forward to welcoming you and your friends next month on October 10th

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June Gathering

13th June 2017

“And suddenly from Heaven”

The morning began with “the sound like the rush of a violent wind” as, accompanied by musical percussion instruments, Alex read from Acts 2 v 1-13. This dramatic introduction was uplifting, reminding us that the Holy Spirit was among us.

The activities that followed gave opportunities to paint, write or create mobiles, windmills and chimes to blow in the wind.

The painting challenge was to depict the Holy Spirit using paints but no brushes and some of the work produced was really effective.

In creative writing, a City News was produced with thoughts and writing about the experiences of the Disciples.

The mobiles of red orange and yellow felt flames were both colourful and delicate. “They are like life, sometimes not quite balanced until all is in line”.

David New’s challenge was to make a windmill; it seemed simple but had complex design and has become homework for those keen to finish it off.

John’s instructions for assembling the copper pipes, a CD and string, wire and a button overseen by David, were followed carefully and enthusiastically, with cries for help when one pair of hands didn’t seem enough. It was a thrilling moment when they rang their chimes during the final prayer.

This month as well as tomato soup, there was an unusual chilled avocado soup accompanied by rolls, cheese, grapes and home-made cakes.

It has been a wonderful year at Kingdom Arts and we take a break until Tuesday September 12th.

Until we meet again may the power of the Holy Spirit be with you.

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May Gathering

9th May 2017

Jesus at the Sea of Tiberias
“Cast your net to the right side of the boat”

The morning began with a reading from John 21 v 1-15 and by the end of the session “every time I looked, everyone was engrossed and focussed on fish”
The range of skill in each of the activities was wonderful.

The printed fish using oil paint and rollers to create patterns was so colourful and effective. The Hama bead designs of fish boats and the cross though fiddly, were bright images created from the reading. The sewn and stuffed fish were individually designed and took on their own characters! whilst  the clay fish were patterned and shaped with great care.

In creative writing some profound thoughts emerged.

The final display up the aisle was a glorious tribute encouraging us to think of the image of Jesus and his disciples having breakfast on the beach.

Why not come and join us and share in praise, activities and delicious soup on Tuesday June 13th before we take a summer break?

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April Gathering

4th April 2017

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

The April activities were designed around the Garden of Gethsemane.
We were delighted to welcome new people to our group, including visitors from Gloucester who wanted to experience what we do.

A dramatic dialogue started the morning with the Narrator and Jesus telling the events in the garden. This was based on Matthew, Chapter 26, verses 36-47.
There was singing and the promise of soup!

The textile tree of life has been completed and backed as a large hanging and was revealed as a surprise! It is magnificent and has been a wonderful collaborative effort.

The activities included woodwork making a wooden cross, with opportunities to chisel, cut and hammer a decoration! Paper lanterns were available with acetate widows to decorate a garden. The cloth labyrinth was laid out to walk upon and assist our praying; with objects along the way to enhance our thinking. What a lovely calm activity.
There were with more activities for painting or colouring words onto felt and these were used to decorate the edge of the labyrinth. Family, hope, blessings, peace, joy, love, glory, majesty were messages for new beginnings at Easter.

The last section of the large Celtic cross was completed by Clive and will be mounted for display. New “Prayerful knitting” has begun as promised last month.

The sharing at the end of the morning was enhanced by poems from the creative writing table. Karen felt that the discussion about faith at her lantern making table had enriched the morning. Our visitors who are thinking about a setting up similar group found making the cross inspiring; they will hang it to remember their morning with us.

At the end of the morning, everyone received a gift from David New – a card with a photo of his glass mosaic and his poem, “The Crown of Thorns”. Thank you to David. You will find a copy of this mosaic and poem in this month’s creative writing.

We meet again on Tuesday May 9th we will be very pleased to see you, come and join us.

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March Gathering

14th March 2017

Jesus visits the city of Jericho

“Go your faith has made you well”

The meeting began with reading Mark 10 v 46-52 and thinking about Jesus healing the blind man.

The March theme was based on a labyrinth.

Editor: For those who don’t know (I didn’t), although a labyrinth may look like a maze, it’s not the same. A maze can have lots of different paths, some of which may be dead-ends. A labyrinth has only one path which leads you from the entrance to the goal; there are no alternative routes or dead-ends.

A huge cloth labyrinth was laid out to walk upon and assist our praying or thinking. This month’s activities included painting, colouring and stitching a labyrinth onto cloth or paper. The finished items could be put into the small fabric bags which were sewn last month to assist in prayer. A labyrinth to write thoughts on was also available.

The textile tree of life was further enhanced with embellishments added and the many leaves and birds are a delight to look at and to touch with so many different textures, soft, smooth, raised, bumpy and fluffy come to mind!

The large Celtic cross is intricate and beautiful to see developing and we were delighted to have David back directing developments as the colouring in of the Celtic patterns always needs much concentration. David’s new challenge, which many took up, was Balsa wood cut outs.
Prayerful knitting has grown to completion and is now to be “cast off”. So look out for something new next month!

The sharing at the end of the morning was most enjoyable with many excellent thoughts on the ups and downs in life’s journey.
This month’s soup was carrot, orange and hint of ginger, deliciously different. Thank you to Jan.

We meet again on Tuesday April 4th [a week earlier than usual] please come and join us.

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February Gathering

14th February 2017

Jesus on the mountain

“and he spent the night in prayer to God”

Our February meeting began with reading Luke chapter 6 verses 12-16 and thinking about Jesus praying at the top of the mountain.

The atmosphere was one of intense concentration on learning and applying new skills as a smaller number than usual met together.
Small fabric bags were sewn to assist in prayer, with the contents of a labyrinth to be made next month. Painting a design onto candles was much enjoyed and needed great concentration and a steady hand, as did the Celtic pattern making which presented its usual challenges. Frames were decorated in order to contain a bible verse or prayer.

The textile tree of life was added to with more leaves and birds taking their place and there was ongoing prayerful knitting which continues to grow.

The sharing at the end of the morning gave an insight into the huge effort everyone makes to enjoy the range and complexity of each activity.
This month’s lunch featured a delicious purple soup!

We meet again on Tuesday March 14th; please come and join us.

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January Gathering

10th January 2017

The Baptism of Jesus

At this first meeting in 2017 we were delighted to welcome Archdeacon Robert to lead our worship. The focus was the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan. Mark 1 verses 9-11.
Archdeacon Robert then led a glorious singing workshop exploring the Kyrie Eleison, asking for God’s help and mercy. This was followed by Alleluia refrains thanking God. We learned to listen, express emotion, smile and feel the sincerity of the words we sang and indeed the presence and power of the Lord.
Craft activities abounded, including making a concertina book with decorated covers needing skill and control, the results were intricate and beautiful.
Work continues on intricate Celtic knot patterns and the Tree of Life tapestry which is really taking shape with many more decorated leaves.
The writing focussed on words from the biblical text, such as Beloved, which could be expanded into ideas and poetry.
The many pieces of work were celebrated and shared as we gathered together at the end of the morning to sing praises around a symbolic river Jordan.
A delicious lunch of soup, bread, and cake was much enjoyed by everyone.

We meet again on February 14th 2017.

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December Gathering

13th December 2016

Sing for joy before the Lord; for He is coming

Our meeting began with joyful music celebrating the birth of Jesus, written and composed by David M, a reading of the Nativity from Luke Chapter 2, and Psalm 96.
The activities included making a decoration with a red candle, foliage and berries, what a stunning centrepiece for the Christmas table!
The Madonna and child watercolours were truly beautiful, clay stars were delicate and sparkly and intricate Celtic knot patterns tested the creative and those with an engineer’s mind.
The quilt continues to be enhanced with more detail and intricate stitch work and there are opportunities for everyone to add to it over time.
The whole morning was enhanced by moments of quiet thoughtfulness in the candlelight as we all look forward to Christmas.
We hope to see you again on January 10th 2017
Meanwhile we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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November Gathering

8th November 2016

Amazing first birthday at Kingdom Arts

The morning began with praise and prayer and recognition of our wonderful first year exploring creativity through faith. (And the promise of cake!)
The theme for the session was based on Psalm 1 and the book of Revelation 22.  “Like trees planted by streams of water which yield their fruit in its season”
We began work on an innovative quilt showing the tree of life, with streams of water and opportunities for everyone’s involvement. Glorious fabrics, bright paper, threads, sequins and joy abounded. Birds, leaves and a flowing river were created around the tree.
Flowers created by “the Lads” with fabric pleated and tied with a central button were in evidence; previous examples can be seen in our 2017 calendar.
Some thoughtful words were written on paper leaves to accompany it.
Finally always an uplifting time, the gathering together to show and explain our work and give thanks for God’s inspiration. His spirit is working among us.
Then there was lunch and the magnificent celebration first birthday cake!

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October Gathering

11th October 2016

“Lord show me the way”… these were the words painted on a beautiful banner donated by Trevor for use at our Gatherings. The theme for the day was Psalm 23 – which refers to being lead “in paths of righteousness”, and which fitted in so well with introducing this new gloriously decorated banner.

Origami fish, bluebells and birds accompanied “the still waters and green pastures”, embroidered sheep, words of the psalm in decorative script, creative plates of food for thought on the “table set before us” …. All this brought alive for our delight after the hearing and the reading of the psalm. 

Next month we celebrate our 1st Birthday. Come and join in the Party!

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