February 2019 Gathering

12th February 2019

“The Samaritan woman at the well”
John 4:3-42

Following an introduction and welcome from Alex, the morning began with the reading from St John’s gospel recounting the conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well and introduced the theme of living water. Vibrant and joyful singing followed then prayers led us to consider the activities linked to living water.

There was a table set up with fabric and stitching to depict ribbons of water for a waterfall in tones of blue, with beading, stiches and plenty of artistic interpretation.

A new activity a “quilt of nations” is beginning to take shape with squares of material very thoughtfully collected together by Vikki to represent countries of the world and machine stitched. This is a work in progress which will continue.

The free art table allowed expression through drawing, sketching and paint on the theme of water or the well.

David’s challenge to construct a well was enthusiastically received and the results are great.

At the writing table the group had thoughtful and heartfelt ideas and were inspired to put them onto paper.

The morning ended with a session when thought and work were shared.
This was followed by a soup lunch prepared in the newly completed kitchen with bread and cheese followed by grapes and a delicious selection of cake.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday March 12th
when the theme of water continues,
we hope to see you then.

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