October 2019 Gathering

8th October 2019

Women in the Bible: Naomi and Ruth
Ruth 1:1-18 and 22

This morning’s reading told the touching beginning of the story of Naomi and Ruth. David New expanded on this with an interpretation of the purpose of this book. It was followed with singing and praise accompanied by our musicians and vocalists.

David continued on his interpretation by designing a task involving the making of brick shapes and then writing words that may be seen as negative and divisive. The purpose of this challenge was apparent in our feedback session. [See the photos]

There were four additional tables of interesting activities relating to this reading.

Sue had an activity to make a card to give to a loved one. The most attractive results were worth the concentration and effort. Later in the morning she led a musical group with percussion instruments.

Alex had been learning an embroidery stitch like ears of wheat, which she shared this morning. Several people enjoyed learning from her and the delicate stitching was much admired in our sharing session at the end of the morning.

The creative writing activity promoted conversation and debate taking up the theme of women and the relationship of Naomi and Ruth.

There was a free table to explore watercolours.

After plenty of conversation, discussion and cups of coffee (thank you Pam and Carolyn) we gathered to share our experiences. It was agreed that a session of Kingdom Arts is refreshing and cathartic!

Then a song of praise, before a shared lunch of soup, either roasted cauliflower or pea, both were delicious! Bread, cheese, grapes and a wonderful fruit cake were also available to all.

We invite you to our next meeting beginning with tea and coffee at 9:30.
Tuesday November 12th : The story of Elizabeth.

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