May 2019 Gathering

14th May 2019

The miraculous catch of fish
John 21:1-14

Alex welcomed everyone including our visitors and after an introduction to the theme, the morning began with St John’s gospel as a dramatised reading which, following the theme of living water, was the account of Jesus telling the disciples to cast their net again.

Worship began with singing led by our musicians followed by prayers.
The “quilt of nations” representing the countries of the world is completed It has a border and will be part of our exhibition in June.

Work continued on the waterfall the wonderful mixture of ribbons and threads and embellishments will also be proudly displayed.

David’s challenge was based on 153 fish represented by arranging coloured dots in a pattern. There were also cut out fish which were stunning and intricate.

The Lego table frequently rang out with merry laughter as the fishing scene evolved; there was an abundance of small fish! Painted backgrounds added depth and interest.

The craft table offered neutral pieces of textured paper to make into a collage fish which could then be used to print with as a block. The results were beautiful in their simplicity and layering.

At the writing table the group wrote enthusiastically around the theme.

Other activities involved colouring and free art work.
The morning ended with a sharing session when individuals described the inspiration of their work, such variety and talent on show.
This was followed by a choice of sweet potato and red pepper or spinach soup prepared by Jan with bread and cheese followed by grapes and a delicious selection of cake.

Thank you all once more for a wonderful session!

Our next meeting is on Tuesday June 18th.
Please note that this is the third Tuesday in June and not the second.

We would love to see you there.

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