June 2019 Festival


A lot of hard work went into creating the displays for this festival – not to mention the activities which took place during the three days, and the large amount of tea and coffee prepared, and the mountain of cake that was baked.

Festival Slide Show, part 1

Festival Slide Show, part 2

Here’s a selection of the comments made by visitors:

Truly inspiring. Thank you.
Jenny B

A wonderful venture!
Love Judy

Well done. Hope it is a great success. Many thanks,
Sara H

St. Georges needs you!

Well done to everyone who got involved.
Riversides School really enjoyed it.


A very inspiring display of gifted talented people.
Jan and Colin W

We had a lovely cup of tea, while listening to peaceful music!
A great exhibition and a good use of the church.
What a beautiful art display.
Love how people are able to express themselves creatively, honouring Jesus and the stories within the bible.
Keep doing things like this, as it reaches so many


Loved the artwork and the joining of the Performing/Arts and worship.
Great display, really beautiful.
Tess Yr. 4, St Georges C of E

A quote from a pupil at St George’s School
“I thought churches were dark places, but they are not”


A big thank you from all the EAL students and staff at Bishop Perowne C of E School
We loved seeing your wonderful creativity in praise of God.

Thank you so much!
Coralia – Romania; Edoordo – Romania;
Laura – Romania; Jose – Portugal;
Stefania – Romania; Thank you: Moise – Romania;
Denis – Romania; Sheilyn – Honduras.

Line-dance anyone?

So many interesting displays, Thank you.

Thank you – it’s light, airy, gentle and full of people’s hearts. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon with Jesus.
Joan C xxx

Isn’t it super to see such a range of inspirational work! Let’s get creative – Yes
Fran B

What a fantastic exhibition! Thank you and well done to all the team, I’ve really enjoyed my visit this afternoon.

Thank you so much for a truly inspiring exhibition the artworks and design were exceptional, and gave a peaceful spiritual message, which with the beautiful music and song left us feeling very close to God. Looking forward to the next one.
Ted and Ginny D

A delightful surprise to be browsing such a variety of skills, colours, ideas – a great success

A very interesting and stimulating exhibition – much food for thought. Many thanks.
Rosemary A

A beautiful and thoughtful exhibition. One smiles to consider the talents of all who have contributed and gained from their association with Kingdom Arts. So much that I liked v. much . . . Stations of the Cross, Mary Fleeson’s work, the cross and candlesticks. What drew me particularly were the sand/bowl installation – quiet, meditative, therapeutic potential, and the Prayer Obelisk- the opportunity to quietly reflect on needs of another and request help!
Yes, very much enjoyed my visit.

What a wonderful spiritual experience to walk round these beautiful displays and works of art. Thank you Lord for your many talents.
Thank you for having us.
Thank you for being so kind.

A stunning display of beautiful art.
It was fun and everything was very nice.
What an inspiring festival. Thank you.
Helen G

What a lovely amazing experience of Our Fathers Love and presence. Thank you.
Simply inspiring.

Amazing and inspiring, Well done.
A beautiful exhibition of inspiring creativity
Another fabulous exhibition, glad I was involved.

Przepicgkna wsytawa wystawiajaco Jezusa, Naszego Pana
Eva from Poland
Translation: Picturing the creation of Jesus, our Lord.

A wonderful collection in a beautiful Arts and Crafts Church. Truly inspiring how much love and care has gone into each of the Artworks and bringing them together in such a celebration.
Robin Walker, MP for Worcester

Thank you, for me, today, the metal cross has made a lasting impression.
Very inspiring – it’s been wonderful to see such talent.

Wow! What a magnificent display of some amazing talent. Hard to pick a favourite amongst so much excellent art but I did like the cross and candlesticks. Also, the fishes painting. But that’s just two of many many to choose from. Nice cakes too!
John and Di B

Really inspiring exhibition. Congratulations!

We had lots of fun and thank you a lot.
I had a fun day here and it is so cool here and I want to come back.
From Sharim

What a wonderful, uplifting and inspiring experience. Thank you.
John W

Thank you for letting me be part of this amazing and uplifting event.

Inspiring, amazing, wanted to read the poetry book all afternoon but felt God’s presence though every exhibit. Thank you.

Moving and inspiring
Joanne  C R
I agree
Lawrence C R

So much moving creativity! Thank you
When the Spirit moves much is created. Richard

Beautifully colour co-ordinated.