September 2019 Gathering

10th September 2019

Acts 16:13-16

We began our September meeting after a summer break with a warm welcome followed by singing and praise accompanied by our joyful band of musicians and vocalists.

The theme for this season introduced by Alex amid a sea of purple; is women in the bible. The reading was from Acts Chapter 16 v 13-16 telling the story of Lydia who traded in purple cloth and was baptised by Paul. There were five tables of interesting activities relating to this reading. Do look at the photographs of the morning.

Our guest artist Karen firstly showed and then encouraged a group to make small books. There was lots of discussion and the dainty and very pretty results were worth the concentration and effort.

David had a craft task to make a delicate model stall with small items for sale. Careful hands were needed to hold and stick.

The new material called “brusho” was well received and gave a chance to experiment, lots of trial and error and a bit of mess, with the powder sprinkled onto or by spritzed water! A waterfall of colourful pictures emerged with stencilled cut outs adding images.

There was a beautiful purple orchid placed on purple tissue to sketch with pastels or charcoal and delightful images resulted.

The creative writing activity promoted conversation and debate taking up the theme of women and particularly Lydia. Follow the link to see the end product.

After plenty of conversation, discussion and cups of coffee we gathered to share our experiences, before a shared lunch of soup [tomato, apple and celery, or celeriac and spinach].

We invite you to our next meeting beginning with tea and coffee at 9:30.
Tuesday October 8th : The story of Ruth and Naomi.

For this month’s pictures, see the Gallery

For this month’s words, see Creative Writing