October Writing 2020

October 19th

God’s Gifts

One morning an engulfing, mysterious mist
scattered pearls over grass and webs,
heralding the passing Summer.
Awakening us to a bountiful, God-given Autumn,
resplendent with His promised gifts,
and the work of human hands.

The oxygen-giving heroes of trees and bushes
start wearing newly coloured robes
of yellow, gold and earthy brown,
While others burst into flaming reds,
enough to stop the World
and take away our breath.
Remembering the God-revealing burning bush
and past evening ‘fire-side watching’,
seeing glowing pictures and dreaming dreams.

Leaves begin to crave a rest.
Twist, float and tumble down to Earth,
covering all before them
with magical, mosaic-like patterns.
There are popping, flying, scattered seeds
for birds and animals alike.
Hidden, stored and eaten in plenty.
Will that industrious squirrel
ever find his hidden treasure?

Parent weary birds rest,
Restoring and preening battered feathers,
while others escape from Winter’s unknown forecast.
Bees make a last search for nectar pure and sweet
in flowerbeds, fields and heather-clad hills.
Barns filled with life-giving grain
to sustain our daily needs,
and humans gather bulging goodness
from across our land.

The agonising cry of the fox
echoes through the air, searching for love.
While human tears fall for answering prayers,
and our hearts sing silently.
God, may all be safely gathered in
for everyone across the World.

© Helen McNicholl October 2020

October 7th


A ripe rosy apple has fallen from the tree
It lies alone, glistening in the rain-soaked grass until
A small brown black slug slides across the skin looking for
A place to enter and spread the rot
Like the doubts and anxieties entering my thoughts to spread discontentment
Shall despair takes hold?
I remove the slug
I wash the apple clean then
Like Eve I invite you to share it.

© Barbara Rolison, Kingdom Arts, 2020