November 2020 Journal

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November 19th

Art work – Autumn Seeds

November 17th

Advance notice of our December (virtual) gathering:



We at Kingdom Arts invite you to join us in a ZOOM meeting on:

Tuesday Dec 8th 10.30-11.30


Christmas readings, carols, prayers, worship songs, chat and laughter. Mulled wine and mince pies (bring your own!)

We invite you to make an origami angel, see details and how to get instructions below.

If you get in touch with your Kingdom Arts contact, we will send you the Zoom code details.

Origami Angel


Details for making this Angel, were to be found at Ripon Cathedral for an event called “A Wing and a Prayer” Unfortunately, they are no longer available.


November 10th

Hello Again,
Our regular monthly meeting should be today. Happy November!

Here we are again rumbling along to Christmas, not sure who we can see, where we can go and for how long and whether all the Tesco delivery slots will have gone! I thought it appropriate we chose the story this month from St. Mark’s Gospel (4:35-41) of the disciples in the boat and Jesus calming the storm. It’s an exciting story and visually amazing. I am sure you can get creative and come up with something out of this! Do have a go and send it in to us.

The significance of Jesus calming the storm is so very pertinent to what’s happening in our world today and is evidence of God’s love for us. Covid 19 has had a significant impact on our lives. We’re flooded by numerous types of storms weekly, daily, and even hourly!

These storms are both internal and external and the chaotic circumstances around us are beyond our control. Right now, many can relate to the disciples’ emotions when Jesus calmed the storm.

But as country after country go into lockdown, the same fear and panic the disciples experienced looms over us. What can we do to calm our fears?
We have to hold onto words from the Bible, prayers, hymns and worship songs to remind ourselves that God’s love for us can never be destroyed.

God is with us in our pain and fear and uncertainty and will lead us to a yet more glorious day. Keeping in touch with friends and family is important too, that’s why we keep this journal going to let you know that you are loved by God and by us!

Alex x and Sue x
PS This November we should have been celebrating our 5th Birthday!

Our first poem of the month comes from Helen, ‘Crossing over’

Read it in the November Writing page

A lockdown project

It took a little longer than the first lockdown, but it was fun.  Vikki loves gardening and had wanted a wildlife pond for some time.

You may have noticed the ‘Gnome Home’

Finished. Now what? . . .