November 2019 Gathering

12th November 2019

Women in the Bible: Elizabeth
Luke 1: 5-24, 39-45, 57-66

Alex warmly welcomed everyone on our Fourth Birthday which was to be celebrated at lunch. We sang the obligatory chorus of Happy Birthday with gusto!

There was praise and singing accompanied by our musicians and vocalists.

We then continued our theme for this season, ‘Women in the Bible’, with readings about Elizabeth and Zechariah, recounting the story of a visit to Zechariah by Angel Gabriel, up to the birth of John the Baptist.

There were five interesting activities relating to this reading.

David’s task to reconstruct a temple building was a group effort and is a work in progress demanding team work, craft skills and concentration.

A table with a “pile of fluff” generated a host of angels, making a dazzling display.

The creative writing activity promoted discussion about Elisabeth and the disgrace of infertility in biblical times.

Another task was to design and craft cardboard shields with a family related crest, while another group wrote their chosen names using wax resist.

The work of the session was displayed, celebrated and admired with some explanation by participants.

Our special guest was Mother Victoria who taught a group how to sign the blessing which we used to great effect at the end of our morning activities. A very special blessing for us all.

Finally we celebrated in style with our shared lunch of soup, bread, cheese, grapes a wonderful fruit birthday cake and a glass of fizz for a special toast to Kingdom Arts.

We invite you to our next meeting beginning with tea and coffee at 9:30.
Tuesday December 10th : Mary.

For this month’s pictures and videos, see the Gallery