May 2019 Writing

The Beach

The first time I went to the beach
It was crowded.
At midday the ice cream van settled near the promontory
A queue formed, children running up and down licking their lips
Others with bikes and beach balls

The last time I came to the beach it was dawn.
Out of focus stood a stranger
Near a rough bonfire which cracked and spit
A group of us local fisher folk came closer
There was something vaguely familiar about him
Then he said “Have you caught anything lads?

I noticed a fish sizzling upon the fire
As I saw Jesus the fisherman, prophet, Saviour, King Lord of life!
Then he said “cast out into the deep”
My heart plummeted he had penetrated body and soul
As others obeyed into the sea went the net
Until it broke with the weight of the shoal

We cooked more fish a regal breakfast
Their conversation, food and laughter
Maybe the ice cream van and children will come soon
Vibrant with even more life

© Rosemary Orr  Kingdom Arts May 2019

On the Shore

The blessed time of resurrection
Jesus stayed to spread His comfort
To the bewildered and confused

He poured His lasting forgiveness
Over doubting minds
A healing, soothing salve

He came down to the beach
With His holy perfume
Watching his beloved

Their first catch was few
As those who struggle
Unwilling to fully embrace His love

Man in a voice loud and clear said
Cast the net to the right
Then with the power of God came 153 fish.

Peter covered his nakedness
Clothed himself in full belief
And pulled ashore with divine strength

May we ever have the belief
Feel His strength and comfort
And the sweet scent of His forgiveness.

So that we have Godly strength
To pull in our nets
And share the fish and bread.

© Helen McNicholl  Kingdom Arts May 2019

Listen to Helen reading her poem:


I believe I’m a fisher, I’m a fisher of men.
I’m a fisher, I’m a fisher, I’m a fisher of men.
And I’m a fishing man, a fishing man, a fishing man I am.
And I’m fishing, I’m fishing, I’m a-fishing for men.

It don’t matter a jot just what colour you may be
If the Lord wants to catch you, see
It’s a different kind of free!

If you want to ask or
If you want to seek
When you find the door you just greet the Man
Knock and take a peek.

You know it don’t matter a bit just who you are
Or what state you’re in
If you’re like me you’ll have that song in your heart
And that heart’s gonna sing.

Come into our hearts Lord Jesus
Fish out what we use today
Yesterday and every day,
Forever and ever with us.


©John Pugh   Kingdom Arts May 2019

Listen to John reading his poem: