May 2017 Writing

Fisher of Men

The sight of Jesus alone as day breaks, watching the water.
Pale barley colours streak the grey sky line.
The sound of sea nibbling at the shore.
The smell of wood smoke, the flicker of spiralling flames,
A boat bumping in the waves.
Fishermen surprise in their voices greet you, as Peter splashing through the sea rushes to touch you.
At your instruction the net is cast rightly, soon teeming with the threshing and struggling fish of every kind and dragged to the shore.
All sharing the bread and fish not knowing that later they will call your name in many lands and voices,
Shout your praise
Cast the net wide again and share bread and wine with mankind.

Barbara Rolison
May 2017

Breakfast on the shore of the lake 

No fish and
A thin mist on the shore.

On the lake, a boat,
Rocking gently
Where tired bodies longed for bed.

When suddenly,
Through the mist,
A distant voice –
“Cast the net once more.”
Wow! The perfect catch!
Where did all that come from?

Alerted by the spectacle
Their eyes espied a fire,
Piercing the drifting mist.

Waiting for no one,
Grabbed his cloak,
Plunged into the sea
And struck out for the shore.

Not like Moses,
Tip-toeing his way:
Peter believed –
It is the Lord!
His heart reached out for the great embrace!

The great I am
Is on our shore
To feed and guide and love us all.

David New

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