March 2018 Writing

The Empty Tomb

The tomb was empty
Jesus had resurrected as had been foretold
Filling the world with new life
Lasting hope and promise for everyone
Flowing from the changed body
Cradling with His Holy Father and Holy Ghost,
For all generations through the ages
Here for us to savour and touch
To bring feeling within us
Treasure revere and spread,
With a heartfelt response and action
And giving with sincere thanks
Thank you Lord
We are yours.

Helen Mc Nicholl ©

About Lazarus

Lord, Lazarus, his sisters Martha and Mary were your friends
and you often stayed with them.
So when you said” Lazarus come out”
Lazarus would have recognised your voice.
I think he must have nearly burst with joy
at hearing your voice speak his name.
Lord I wonder if Lazarus had been in heaven when you called him?
Did he think or talk about his experience?
Was he able to settle back into everyday life afterwards?
Lord I am so glad you called him;
please when we die,
may we hear your loving voice welcoming us.


Last Breath

With my last breath as my Soul flies
His Spirit will surround me.
In dying my body will remain a while
But I have gone to Him.

You may feel great sorrow for your loss
Deep grief for all you will miss,
But be reassured that I am in a glorious place
Where the love of Christ abounds
Rejoice and thank God for the memory of me.

Barbara Rolison
©Kingdom Arts 13/03/2018