March 2017 Writing: Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

When we visit a new city,
we search for its centre.
We are optimistic.
We follow a winding trail that leads us to a grand cathedral,
the spiritual centre.

Here is where the history lies.
Where countless pilgrims have sought comfort, healing, guidance, answers;
Have raised eyes and hands in
awe, despair, sadness, joy, yearning.

As we walk our own personal labyrinth
We try to avoid distractions.

We want to move on,
‘To see Thee more clearly
Love Thee more dearly
Follow Thee more nearly.’

The Labyrinth has no dead ends like a maze.
It encourages us to seek for truth,
To bring our whole being into focus.
We are not led up garden paths leading to nowhere.
We take a continuous course mapping our thoughts and feelings on the way,
Hoping to reach the centre.
Will Jesus be there?
We remember His Healing,
His Teaching His Praying;
His tortuous journey to Jerusalem.
There is no turning back for Him.

We continue on our labyrinth walk
until we reach the centre,
Where Jesus stretches out his arms for us.
We linger with Him awhile.
Encircled by His love, we retrace our steps.
Jesus guides us back
And ‘sends us out into the world
To live and work to His praise and Glory.’

Sue Ashby-Davis Lent 2017


Tracing a finger round the labyrinth I recall the Mappa Mundi where Jerusalem is the centre of the world.
Is this my labyrinthine pilgrimage? Will my journey towards Christ lead me to my Jerusalem?
Pilgrimage is a lifetime of thinking, a long time to ponder the mysteries of our world, the challenges, lack of purpose, desperation, decisions.
I focus on Jesus and his journey to Jerusalem, his sacrifice for me. I reimagine his tests and trials as he prepared mind and spirit for death, beyond death to resurrection and God.
My God, where will my journey lead me, where is my redemption my Jerusalem?

Barbara Rolison
March 2017