January 2018 Writing

Good Shepherd Prayers

In the closing session of the morning, this prayer was accompanied by a Tongue Drum.

Good Shepherd,
help me to be like a good sounding tongue drum.
May the sound I make in my life
enable others to hear your voice.
When I feel tired
let the sound continue on and on,
giving me strength for the journey ahead.
Give me courage to take these sounds into the world
to help others hear you speaking through the noises of the world
that clamour for our attention.
May the sound I make be beautiful to others
and to you.

Alex New


So often dismissed to the lower rungs of the animal world.
But they float through our Christmas cards.
Feed and sustain many nations. Clothe and warm chilled limbs.
Our wise ones know their wealth and their need for a loving shepherd.
With homes and food just right. A lifelong caring.
Psalm 23 echoes down through the ages.
Pictures with Christ in their midst calling out from the flock.
I am their shepherd and YOURS! Follow me.
Stray not from the path I love the weak and the strong. The marginalised the forgotten.
I will bind broken limbs, rescue you from briars or pits, and feed you richly in pastures old and new.
And raise you all up, upon my shoulder into life eternal.

Helen McNichol


In those days long ago shepherds were lowly, isolated poor and not regarded much, tending others precious flocks in scrubby pastures. They travelled on foot in search of grazing, slept on the ground, and guarded the sheep from wolves, lions, eagles and thieves. They lit fires for safety and a little warmth.
Astonished when the brightest most radiant light disturbed them so, voices sang praises to God on high. They heard the message, trusted in the Angel and left everything to see the new born Son of God.

Back on the quad bike with helmet, padded jacket and mobile the shepherd and her sheepdogs ascend the hillside to feed the flock. They are well nourished with bales of hay kept under cover, a bin of pellets and clean water. She checks the ewes for lameness, any sign of illness or harm, for they are almost ready to lamb.
Whistling to the dogs they gather the sheep and slowly bring them down to the shed. There they are nurtured and protected awaiting their time.
But what if God, just now, sent his Angel messenger? How would she receive the message hear the voice?

For Jesus is our shepherd, gathering, nourishing, nurturing and protecting us.
Slowly guiding us to his presence.

Barbara Rolison