February 2018 Gathering

13th February 2018

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”
John 14:1-7

An astounding wooden signpost greeted us on arrival at Kingdom Arts. All was later revealed!

We were delighted to greet some new members to the group before we commenced with two joyful songs [music for the first composed by our very own Sue]. Next came the bible reading “I am the way the Truth and the Light” followed by prayers.

The significance of the signpost became clear; it was showing us the way past some of life’s challenges to join Jesus in heaven, and had been cleverly constructed by Trevor by recycling our wooden Christmas tree from the Cathedral exhibition.

This month’s further challenge designed by David New was to create a paper construction of a stairway to heaven, which some embellished with symbols.

A lifeline of twisted material hung with handmade pom-poms began to emerge across the church signifying points in life.

At the writing table some original postcards to Heaven were creatively written.

Work continued on additional ornamentation of the Tree of Life hanging, by making and stitching apples from fabric and threads.

Several wonderful and varied pastel drawings with thoughtful explanations of how they were inspired were shared with us at the end of the session.

The soups, both watercress and broccoli, and potato and leek were much enjoyed and may very well inspire a second soup book! The social lunch is a most enjoyable end to each session and we would love to see you there.

Our next meeting is on March 13th

For this month’s pictures, see the Gallery