February writing 2023


The Holy Christmas Light
has shone its message
of love, peace and hope
over the World once more,
amidst all the difficulties
and tears of pain and joy.
Now we must travel onward,
believing in God’s purifying, endless
Feeling worthy to be part of that
Learning to love one another.
Searching, and using, our God-given gifts.
Finding strength to break up unploughed Earth,
and moving prayerfully into life ahead.

© Helen McNicholl

The Jug of Tulips.

Tightly closed they rise to a pointed tip as if hiding a secret.
Petals enfolding petals like Christ’s love wrapping around us.
Is faith like these tulips?
Does faith grow as slowly as the petals?
Carefully, cautiously opening.
Taking time
Until our inner selves are revealed like the stamens?
Affirmation that only now, like the tulips, we bow to his will
By dropping our petals at his feet.

© Barbara Rolison


A land conquering tides
And building dykes and wind mills
To let the water flow
In tune with man and God
As lowing cattle grow
And bulbs of every hue.

The canals like ribbons
Alive with boats, flowers and ducks
Beneath an open sky
A backdrop for Gods glory
Feasts of cheese and pickled eels
Armies of bicycles
Tandems challenge
Who’s in charge?
May God lead the way
Across this land of scents and beauty.

© Helen McNicholl

Why worry?

Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow
It empties today of its strength.
So why worry?
Worry is my way of anticipating the worst scenario.
A self-protecting shield against disaster
No better than a reassuring plaster.
A fret that picks my brain not to forget that happiness is not a given.
But it shuts me off from Heaven.

Self-concern that seeks to stand apart
A little lost sheep bleating in my heart
I weaken and I writhe inside
It makes me want to run away and hide
Alarmed and caught in a thorn bush of my own making.
I see my shepherd, staff in hand He’s coming.
He is goodness and mercy overwhelming
What a relief as he speaks love for me
Such love, such truth, such strength and security.

© Chris Graham

A Million Tears

As distant on-lookers
what can we say,
what can we do?
We are horror-struck.
Even from afar
our senses are numb and shaken.
Sights beyond our understanding.

Help us Lord
to feel their plight,
their anguish,
their brutal pain.
Torn families,
shattered homes,
the penetrating cold.

But our Lord understands.
He lives with every soul,
Alive or risen.
Strengthening every helping hand,
driven by love for humankind.
Blessing heart-felt gifts
from far and wide.

He knows our prayers.
Oh Lord, let them feel your balm:
Nightmares calmed,
Healing tears shed
Hope kept alive,
Fears quietened.
Comfort them Lord
With Your unfailing love.

© Helen McNicholl