April 2018 Gathering

17th April 2018

“The Wedding in Cana”
John 2:1-11

This month the central aisle had been decorated with yards of lace, confetti, flowers, wedding shoes, invitations and a bottle of bubbly!  Thus the theme was apparent before we began with celebratory songs, followed by the reading from John Chapter 2, verses 1 – 11, recollecting the wedding in Cana in Galilee, which describes the first miracle of Jesus.  This was followed with prayers led by Alex.

The craft tables were filled with activities to reflect on a wedding theme. There were blank cards to design on the front and make an invitation inside to call the recipient to think, maybe of faith.

A still life was set up with a group of empty vessels to depict the filling of wine jars, which invited drawings with pastels.

An activity to make a wedding guest figure from wire, dowel, fabrics and all manner of embellishments called on the inner fashion designers amongst us. The ingenuity and variety was wonderful.

Lastly there were even more intricate, decorative handmade flowers crafted with paper which were quite detailed and very lovely. [Please look at the photographs.]

We finished with opportunities for anyone who wished to, to talk about the activities they had been part of. Lunch followed, with a choice of butternut squash or celery soup delicious as usual, and an array of cake!

Our next meeting is on Tuesday May 8th. We look forward to meeting you then.

For this month’s pictures, see the Gallery

David New has contributed a poem about the wedding in Cana, see Creative Writing

The Kingdom Arts Exhibition is fast approaching and preparations are already in hand. If you can get to us on May 17th, 18th or 19th, do come along and see our work, while you drink tea or coffee and munch a cake with our compliments!