Visitors’ book Feb 2020

12th February

What a wonderful day yesterday…. such a joy to spend it with the usual people plus our visitors from The Bridge.

Here are the comments from our visitors’ book for you to see and to be encouraged by them:

“I love the small service to give us ideas for the craft time… gradually the crafts ‘release’ me and I can’t decide which craft to do next. The idea of dance for the last song of worship was the icing on the cake”.

“I was impressed with how the morning felt unhurried and relaxed. How the whole flowed from worship to craft to sharing. I was also impressed with how at all points the focus was on God and responding to God. Too often we make worship about us!”
Rev Glenn Reading

Mutual Flourishing
From Victoria (E-mail)
Can’t tell you how lovely it was to see you all this morning. And thank you for kingdom Arts itself – it was restorative.
I thought you needed to see this e-mail I received. Can you pass on my thanks to the people he mentions?
I confess that ‘John from Ipsley’ has been a big inspiration to me in my journey, also.

From John at the Bridge to Victoria. (E-mail)
Thank you for letting me accompany you and your clerical colleagues to Worcester and St George’s. What a lovely day! The whole day was so enjoyable, joining in worship (hymns or are they called faith songs now ? No matter, I did feel quite at home with it)
Meeting such a lovely, friendly group of people so helpful in every way. Just being Christian, as I like to think we at the Bridge are. One shouldn’t really name certain people, but the following were really good to me and for me-
John from Ipsley, Vikki, David also from Ipsley, musicians, Trevor and Clive.
I wrote a thank you note on Facebook (I think) to Kingdom Arts . This is my thank you note to you.

To all our regulars and helpers: All the hard work is worth it isn’t it? Thank you all for sharing your amazing gifts with so many people and so regularly!