September 2017 Gathering

12th September 2017

“I am the Gate”

The sight of a sheepfold, surrounded by pebbles with a traditional farm gate at the end greeted the arrivals at the start of a new year of Kingdom Arts. The sheep were fortunately printed onto fabric!

The theme was “I am the gate for the sheep” (John chapter 10 verses 1-10), the inspiration for the morning, followed by songs and prayer.

Sue, having composed new music, skilfully added the chorus:
I am the Gate and I am the Way. Whoever enters by me will be saved.

(Editor: We hope to have a recording of this music on the site in the near future).

Later some of us chose decorative mosaic tiles to create beautiful sheepfolds, an activity much enjoyed, while others tackled making a replica of the wooden farm gate, complete with hinges and a bolt. The silent concentration was evident in several tasks.

Cards were produced using lolly sticks to create a gate on the front and a written verse inside. Nimble fingers carefully arranged the sticks and glued them in place before writing on the gate.

A new challenge of paper folding resulted in squeals of delight when the 3 D “object” christened “the chatterer” was successfully completed, followed by groans when it had to be unfolded to write on and be decorated.

A highlight was the singing lesson led by David M which inspired many of our group and the wonderful performance at the end of the morning of “You are my hiding place.” It was a most fitting end to a very good beginning for our 3rd year.

Refreshments of most delicious soup followed, made by our brave stand in Chef Jan B. [The red pepper and lentil was my favourite]. The cake was great too.

It was a joy to welcome new faces to our group and we look forward to welcoming you and your friends next month on October 10th

For this month’s pictures, see the Gallery