September 2023 Gathering

September 12th

Well, a New Kingdom Arts Year began this week with a new theme looking at traditional Hymns, their authors and the stories behind the songs.

The story behind the hymn

It is well with my soul

Alex welcomed everyone to the gathering including some new faces; and, having had coffee and catching up time, we commenced with a short time of worship singing “Ten thousand Reasons”, followed by prayer and “O Faithful One”.
Jan K then told us the story of the American evangelist Horatio Spafford and his wife Anna and the enormous tragedies in their life. They lost one son to illness; and then, while Anna and their four daughters were travelling to England, the ship sank and their four daughters drowned with only Anna surviving.
Horation travelled to England to be with Anna and, as he passed near the spot where his daughters were lost, he wrote his poem, “It is well with my soul”, later set to music by Philip Paul Bliss. Horatio and Anna went on to have three more children. Unfortunately another son also died young. With their faith still strong, the Spaffords were able to continue in their ministry.

And, of course, we sang ‘It is well with my soul’.

Sue then introduced the morning’s activities:-

A new, ongoing project is to make a large, cross shaped hanging, devised of individually designed and sewn hessian squares. Each square will be unique and there are many techniques which can be employed. Fabric, beads, stitching and applique.

Activities inspired by Horatio’s words:

Alison brought wire and large templates to make model anchors! There were many amazing interpretations and it proved very popular.

CD covers were created using the words of the hymn.

Inspired by thoughts of peril on water, a Lego table produced a model lighthouse and a depiction of Jesus calming the waters and Peter’s attempt to walk on the water.

There were also the usual opportunities for prayerful knitting, a writing table to capture people’s thoughts inspired by the talk.

The coffee and cake through the morning kept everyone alert and the conversations abounded.

Also, today at Kingdom Arts we said farewell to our Vicar Jo, who retires next week. A handmade book, containing special items created for her from the Kingdom Arts Team was presented. She was thanked for encouraging and supporting the work of Kingdom Arts acknowledging it would not have started without her blessing and constant support. We will miss you, Jo!

As the kitchen was closed because of necessary building work, we were unable to have our usual cheese, bread, and hot soup lunch. Instead, the meal was arranged in the church with a table of delicious cold foodstuffs, plenty of fruit and cheeses to help ourselves and it was most enjoyable. Soup will make a return next month!

We hope to see you again on Tuesday October 10th starting at 10.00am with coffee from 9.30.

A warm Kingdom Arts welcome awaits all.

Barbara Rolison