October Gathering

10th October 2017

“I am the Bread of Life”

The sound of drumming could be heard reverberating in Saint George’s this morning as the drumming workshop gripped the attention of many. Comments from those taking part included “It was brilliant” “Inspirational” “It was a different way to explore words”.

We began with a reading of John Chapter 6, the story of the feeding of the five thousand. The theme for the day was “I am the Bread of Life” which was interpreted in several ways through art, craft, music and writing.
There were beautifully decorated stones, clay modelling, and creative writing.

The observational drawing of a group of objects related in some way to bread, from a basket to mice, was challenging. This drew a response at the sharing part of the morning that “It reminded me how God provides, nothing is wasted and however little you need you will get it.”
There were heads bent in concentration over the most intricate work.

Making the bread bin entitled I am the bread of life, which opened to reveal “He is risen”. It was challenging to complete!
The variety of bread displayed to encourage us all, was eaten at lunch with delicious soup, spinach or pottage!

“It is the strength of Kingdom Arts that there is no competition, there is only encouragement”.

We do hope to see you on November 14th when we will be working on decorations for our Christmas tree exhibit (see separate News item).

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