October 2023 Writing

Jesus let your divine Spirit breathe on me

The writing focus was to take some of the words from “Love Divine” and arrange them so as to inspire creative verse or writing. The results were often very moving. Please do take time to read them.

Words selected from the hymn ‘Love Divine’

Jesus Divine

Alpha   Pure   Omega

© Alison Moore Kingdom Arts October 2023

Love Divine

Love Divine: You have always been there for me. You were there at the beginning and I knew of you but didn’t know you.

Love Divine: Your patience is never ending, you wait and nudge with pure unbounded love waiting to enter my trembling heart.

Love Divine: Christmas and Easter have always been special for me even as a child, but it would be years before I would receive and accept your grace.

Love Divine: I heard about you at Sunday school and in school assemblies but I never felt the need to ask you into my life. I only attended church services on special occasions – moved by the hymns but not enough to want to follow you.

Love Divine: I stood before you exchanging vows at our wedding, I stood before you making promises to you at our children’s baptism, once again the words resonated but did not enter my heart.

Love Divine: I finally realised that I had stood before you and made promises that I wasn’t keeping and so I took the children to church to help us all to learn more about your pure unbounded love.

Love Divine: You came into my trembling heart when my mom suffered a massive stroke and would not survive. I received your grace when you answered my prayer to take her home to be with you.

Love Divine: You have helped me grow in love and faith and I can only praise you because of your perfect love.

Love Divine: ‘My chains flew off’ because I have been received into your family, you have restored me and I will forever be lost in wonder, love and praise.

© Pam Butler Kingdom Arts October 2023


I listen to your words of song and begin to move, as the notes of music jump off the page and bring Liberty.

And as they flow over and through me,
Experiencing, I am sitting in the presence of the legacy of a Servant of God.

My spirit responds:
Let your love divine breathes into my heart.
What you have promised; heaven breaks in to deliver.
Joy of heaven and earth come down.

You broke into my world with all its mess. All my lostness???
I pull my scarf over my head and wonder if others will know I have a meeting with you in prayer.

Our time and space.
A message to the masters: –
Alpha and Omega the beginning and the finish

© Shefali Kingdom Arts October 2023

Praise His Name

Praise to the Lord of all creation!
Maker of the heavens and the earth!
The Alpha and Omega!
Praise his name!
From the beginning of time
He was, and is, and is to come.
Perfect in every way,
Lord of all and son of the living God.
Praise his name!

Jesus came to bring us healing,
Forgiveness and restoration.
He said: Do not let your hearts be troubled”
We choose to trust you, Lord.
We praise his name!

He humbled himself, our servant King,
To pay the price for us.
He suffered horrendous, undeserved death
That we might live.
Praise his name!

He said he’ll never leave us and forsake us
And he’s kept his word
He’s left us the wonderful Holy Spirit
To dwell with us, our comforter and
Guide in every moment of our lives.
We praise his name!

You’re everything to us Lord,
We bow before you in thanks and adoration.
We praise his Holy Name!

© Alison Moore Kingdom Arts October 2023

Love Divine, final verse.

Every time I sing the last verse of ‘Love Divine’, I think of my Friend Penny and her daughter (Rachel) born with cystic fibrosis. Penny was a physiotherapist and she had to help clear her own daughter’s chest using her skill from training.

We had shared a house together before she was married, and she knew that I was full of [compassion] for her and her daughter’s condition. She asked me to pray. As I settled quietly into a place of listening for what I could possibly pray, the words of the last verse came to me.
Finish then thy new [creation]
[Pure] and [spotless] let us be … Just that.

I didn’t know what possible help that would be, but I told her anyway and reassured her that I would continue, long term, to persist with the need for answers. At this point her eyes opened wide and she explained how the spotty welts on skin were a big thing in Rachel’s condition.

My [wonder] enlarged and I asked God the question ‘Could this be Your promise that one day we would have an answer to our long-term prayers?

[Joy] came, years later when the cure for cystic fibrosis was found. Penny’s happiness over flowed as she explained to me that hospital visits had decreased dramatically and Rachel’s skin had completely [changed] !
It was [perfectly] [restored].

She still has to be careful, but her life was radically different and her chances to play her favourite instrument was increased dramatically.

Our God had [delivered] what he had [promised].

©Chris Graham Kingdom Arts October 2023