October 2023 Gathering

October 10th

We continued our theme exploring “Songs of Faith”.
Today it was Charles Wesley 1701-1788 and the hymn –

Love Divine


First of all, following coffee and catching up time, Alex welcomed everyone to the gathering including more new faces, we commenced by singing two songs, followed by prayers.
Then, Jan B gave a most informative talk about Charley Wesley. He was an English leader of the Methodist movement. Wesley was a prolific hymnwriter who wrote over 6,500 hymns during his lifetime. His works include “And Can It Be”, “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”, “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” and the carol “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.
He led an interesting life and was obviously much influenced by his mother. We were intrigued by her practice of putting her cap over her face to show that she was taking time to pray in her busy life. We focused on what is, perhaps, his most famous hymn. After listening to Jan B’s entertaining words, we all sang ‘Love Divine’.

Sue described the activities for the morning. The writing focus was to take some of the words from “Love Divine” and arrange them so as to inspire creative verse or writing. The results were often very moving. Please do take time to read them.

The ongoing project is to make a large, cross shaped hanging, devised of individually designed and sewn hessian squares.

Each square is proving to be be uniquely beautiful and there are many techniques being employed. Splendid fabric, stitching and applique.

Alison brought back the gold wire and new models were made, some of which were stitched into the hessian squares.

Alison also introduced card making using “Brusho” an interesting opaque powder which when wet shows its colour, alongside watercolours.
The cards were mounted in a frame and looked stunning, a lovely keepsake or gift!

There were also the usual opportunities for quiet, contemplative, prayerful knitting.

Charcoal and large sheets of paper were also available, with a still life composed of models of hands to sketch. This challenged some of our artists.

The conversations abounded around the tables and we were kept refreshed with coffee, tea and biscuits. A ploughman’s lunchtime buffet was laid out in the Magdalene room and much enjoyed. Soup will most definitely make a return next month on November 14th!

We hope to see you again on Tuesday October 10th.
Please note the new start time.
From November on, we will be gathering from 10:00am for tea, coffee, and chat, with the morning’s programme beginning at 10.20am.

A warm Kingdom Arts welcome awaits all.

Barbara Rolison