October 2021 Gathering

12th October

Eighteen months after our last meeting . . .

We‘re back!

This morning was a great occasion – meeting friends, chatting and feeling that warmth which is always present at Kingdom Arts.

A time of worship was followed by ‘Show and tell’ – an opportunity to share with others what we had been up to during our enforced separation. Nobody knew how the session would go. It had been decided that, for this first time back together, normal craft activities would be avoided as we worked out what everyone would be comfortable with. There were concerns that no one would appear and, even if they did, no-one would have anything to say.

Our fears were unfounded. The variety of activities was truly astounding. There were so many who wished to ‘show and tell’ that half of the items have been held over for next month, when we will also begin a project based on butterflies.

Meanwhile enjoy these pictures from our triumphant return:-

temple building (finished at last!)

Shefali gave us a thoughtful poem

Death where is your sting

In the falling of darkness, as the sun slipped into the covers and sleep.
It’s last message of the day was the sheer presence of beauty spreading itself across the night sky as dusk took over.
Brilliant colours of the blend of red and orange and hints of mauve and yellow.
Weaving themselves like a blanket covering across the sky.
And I knew beauty had visited us.
But for a moment, and in that scene and excitement a wonder born-again within me.
Warmth of delight coming alive with a sense of celebration and delight.

We both looked in awe and wonder and spoke out our delight.
My heart recognising then, as we shared playful, dancing banter between us.
That the silent majesty of the ordinary, like things we often never notice.
Friendships and love,
Sacrifice that emerges for a moment from a subdued presence
that stand out like the night sky colours.
Standing in their true radiance as gifts we could never have earned or achieved.
Thank you for allowing that beauty in friendship to emerge.


Tea and coffee – an essential part of the morning

Return to Kingdom Arts- How was it for you?

Here’s what Ruth thought:-

I was truly inspired by this morning.
On returning home I thought I needed to write some of what I had experienced.
This is what I have just written without editing just straight from my heart.

The Return of Kingdom Arts

A symphony I thought, or symposium perhaps,
Splendid variations on a theme.
A theme of praise and thanksgiving to creator God
Who has proved himself faithful yet again-
Faithful through the Lockdown storm
As he was to Noah, in the days of the Ark.
The time came to open the door and let everyone out
Tentatively at first, in wonder that the waters had receded
-yet muddy pools and boggy areas remained.
A new beginning, having survived the rain,
New life, new ways lay before them.

And so, for us, as we venture out
After months of Lockdown and isolation.
We meet to share life that has grown in the darkness.
Painting, poetry, crafts and song,
Living beings amongst the memories recalled,
And we experience the Creator, the Image Maker.
We, the images, have created after His nature.
Our Father has expressed Himself through us
In diverse ways-thus creating a symphony
To Himself-different instruments creating a tune
Of thankfulness, glorifying Him who created through us
In the darkest of days.

Joy and blessings,
Looking forward to more Kingdom Arts.


Next time . . .

Our theme is HOPE . . .

. . taking the symbol of Butterflies . . .

If you have the time, we would like you to make a butterfly or two to hang within the church. Paper, fabric, etc. Make them anyway you like as long as they are light and can be hung. Bring them with you to the next meeting on November 9th. Not too big – you can get an idea of the size from this picture

Here are some instructions for one method of making a paper butterfly

You can find a video demonstrating this technique by clicking on this link:-

Easy Paper Butterfly – YouTube

If you click the link, you will leave the Kingdom Arts site and be taken to YouTube (you may well have to watch an advertisement – sorry!)

See you all in November