October 2018 Writing

A prayer for my son

God, I know that you are listening always.
I pray for my precious son, now so far away amongst strangers in unknown lands and facing who knows what?
Keep him safe I pray
I miss him, I long for his return and I fear for him.
God, help him!
He is young, unwise and thinks he is invincible, but I fear he will lose all he has and be hungry, homeless and in despair.
Protect him I pray.
Surround him with your love wherever he is.
Hold him close as I long to do. Help him to know my love for him is also unending and I will be here waiting for him.
Please God
Show him the pathway home.

© Barbara Rolison

The Prodigal’s return

The sheep peer through the cracks in the wall.
A man walks down
The lane stones hurt his feet
Thorns remind him painfully of his despair
Mournfully the sheep turn their back as they slowly munch in the evening sun.
Shadows fall across the path.
A distant cry
Running feet
Calls, shouts
The man falls to his knees as his strength fails
He manages to speak the words he had rehearsed over and over
Would he
But No! His remorse was met by loving reconciliation.

© Christine Allen

A Prayer for forgiveness

Help me to remember your example when I am faced with difficult situations.
It is sometimes so difficult to quell the anger and see the good in all people.
I find forgiveness one of the hardest things to do, especially when it is someone who is hurt by the person I should forgive.
Please be in my heart as I juggle the emotions vying for attention.
Ensure that your loves shines through and enables me to offer heartfelt forgiveness as you do to all.

© Sue Cottam