October 2018 Gathering

9th October 2018

“The Parable of the Prodigal Son”
Luke 15:11-32

Our new season of meetings is based on the parables of Jesus and interpreting their meaning or sparking interpretational ideas through writing, craftwork, art or music.

Following praise through songs accompanied by our amazing musicians and vocalists, a reading of the parable of the Prodigal Son, and starting points from members of the team; our group, including new members and visitors explored the activities on offer.

Creative writing explored feelings and how to express or seek forgiveness, while the free drawing with charcoal expanded the parable into visual art.
Words around the concept of feelings were translated into posters.

Felting [in this instance, making pig shapes with felt pressed through by stabbing with a needle] was offered for the first time and was so much enjoyed that it will surely be offered again.

The making of a “simple balance” was a challenge in dexterity and scientific principle. [Do look at the photographs.]

Finally came an innovative retelling of the Prodigal Son using a puppet theatre. The performance was a unique presentation, so enjoyable and such fun.

The discussion and sharing of ideas at the end of the morning was dynamic, personal and very thoughtful. The exploration of the meaning of the parable and the concept of forgiveness had been explored both on a personal level and within several of the groups.

We ended with a sung grace.

A delicious choice of pear and parsnip or mushroom soup was offered for lunch accompanied by bread, cheese and cake with an opportunity to continue conversations.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday November 13th.
We will be delighted if you would join us.

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