November 2022 Gathering

November 8th

This month we had a solemn beginning to our session, as we remembered and paid tribute to Vikki Moore RIP who had died so unexpectedly two weeks earlier, after a short illness.

Led by Alex, we prayed for David and family members and also her friends at Kingdom Arts who were saddened and shocked by her death. We had a few minutes of contemplative silence.

Alison Moore had volunteered to play for us, as we sang hymns including “Hosanna”.

Then we continued our series looking at the lives of influential Christians or “Heroes of Faith” by learning about

Archbishop Oscar Romero
from El Salvador.

The short talk from Barbara R helped us to explore the life and mission of Oscar Romero, who passionately and bravely fought for the rights of the poor and voiceless people of San Salvador and died a martyr.
This led us naturally into the exploration of the art and craft of South America, and there was plenty to choose from;

First of all were wonderful wooden crosses to be decorated with acrylic paint, so gloriously colourful.

Next was an outline of a Condor; a design to be filled with mosaic pieces, which were both intricate and delicate.

Alison Griffin taught us how to make woven plaited bracelets, using embroidery thread, a lovely activity to free our thoughts and help us to talk and work together.

For those who wished to express themselves in writing, there was the creative writing table, where there was much discussion and expressing of thoughts as ideas flowed.

The prayerful knitting was available as well as a colouring activity, both of which are very calming and meditative.

Coffee and biscuits essential to keep us going, were plentiful thank you Pam and Carolyn.

At the end of the morning there was the opportunity to share our art work, creative writing and feelings.

The home-made soup offered a choice of either, carrot and coriander, or tomato apple and celery both of which were hugely enjoyed and delicious! The cake to follow was also much enjoyed.

Our meeting next month is on December 13th starting at 10.00am with coffee from 9.30, followed by the ever-popular soup and there was a mention of mince pies!
We look forward to seeing you then.