December 2023 Gathering

December 12th


Silent Night

As we had reached December, we had celebrations this month of Christmas, past and present. The aisle was decorated with a number of wonderful and different Nativity sets and Christmas fabric and so the magically lit display, set the scene for the story of Silent Night.

Alex welcomed everyone to the gathering, including old friends and more new faces, we commenced by singing “The first Nowell” and “Silent Night” which were followed by prayers.
Barbara gave a talk based on the book ‘The Story of Silent Night’ by Paul Gallico. We learned of the antics of a mouse who caused havoc to a church organ, and the inspired lyrics and music written by Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber respectively, leading to the creation of Silent night on Christmas Eve in 1818.

And so on to the morning’s activities:

Jan T brought circular wreathes of wicker to design and decorate with foliage. She was praised for her excellent tuition and encouragement; all the participants felt a sense of achievement and were delighted with the result.

There was also Christmas fabric in triangles to make into tetrahedron shaped decorations, elegant and practical, if tricky.

Alison brought materials to construct stars from straws and then decorate them, an activity requiring nimble fingers and concentration but the results were well worth the effort.

The writing focus was to take a list of words; the synonyms for silent and for night, and choose some to weave a piece of writing or a poem. This was enthusiastically received and the results are available on our creative writing page.

The ongoing project to make a large, cross shaped hanging, devised of individually designed and sewn hessian squares is almost complete and is truly beautiful to behold.

Handmade Christmas gifts from Lima, Peru were on sale . These gifts were made by a Women’s co-operative in Lima. This is often their only source of income. Worcester Diocese is linked with the Diocese of Peru and we always like to support the work of these woman especially as their gifts are so beautifully creative!

There were also the usual opportunities for quiet, contemplative, prayerful knitting.

The conversations abounded around the tables and we were kept refreshed by Pam and Carolyn with coffee, tea and biscuits.

We ended the mornings activities by gathering to share our mornings efforts and we sat with lighted candles in a darkened church to sing “Like a candle flame” [Fortunately David M was on hand to coach us in the two-part chorus.] It was a spiritual and moving ending.

A lunch followed with soup, lovingly made by Jan K, this month it was lentil and tomato, or “purple” soup! There was bread, cheese fruit and home-made cakes too around the tables there was a welcome opportunity to catch up with each other.

We often get comments about the sessions each month. Here are a few of them received this time:-

Wow! Tuesday….it was so good…thank you. My heart was singing to make the wreath…it is on the door. I’ve always dressed the fireplace etc…but a wreath with the symbol of eternity….was too complicated or so I thought.

What a wonderful way to praise our Creator.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate it will take quite a lot of preparation…it is a very special ministry.

… what a brilliant start to Christmas. The worship was so meaningful, so relevant to all going on in the world and thus brought me to a place of peace and thanksgiving. I loved every minute of it. You all enabled me to come to a special place in Worship. Thank you.

If you’ve never been before, why not come along and experience the atmosphere for yourself? All are welcome!

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

Join us in the New Year on Tuesday January 9th 2024!
Please note the start time:- Coffee from 10.00, followed by worship and activities, with lunch around 12.40.