November 2018 Writing

The Lord said build upon rock

The Lord said build upon rock
The rock is strong, the house will be safe
The winds will blow and howl
It will pour rain in sheets
But he house is still safe

The foolish man builds his house on sand
The winds will blow and howl
It will pour rain in sheets
The waves will pour over the sand
The house will collapse, there is no house anymore.

This is a well-known story told by Jesus
All about sensible and foolish people
It makes you think about life and how to live it
Children love this story; I hope it tells them something about life
I know it did when I was young.

© Mavis

Come Gather (A Rap)

You’ll go far, sing my songs-
And I’ll let you help me
Run my bar! Move ya feet
Put a finger on the buttons
Meet and greet/ strummin’ and drummin’
Will lift up right you outta your seat

RAP ll
When two or three
Or more than four
Come greet us
Anytime now, before
The sun shines through
That open door, or
Morning, evening, afternoon, goodnight
Still can’t ignore/ the law of love/light

Or else you’ll be sitting
On a house of straws
Like way back when
In days of yore,
The poor man put his Faith in store,
And built his house to weather the storm.

© John Pugh

The Sure Foundations

He came to strengthen foundations
On ground firm and strong
Reinforces with Holy rules
Cemented with love and hope mixed with forgiveness and understanding.
Ready for us to build from the Lord’s plans
With hearths of warmth and welcome
Ever open doors
Rooves to shelter pain and despair
Windows to let in Nature’s beauty
Let us not move to weaker places with shifting sand
With crumbling supports overwhelming our faith.
Lord help us to ever build on your foundation.

© Helen McNicholl

Founded on Rock

The raging wind and crashing waves
The violent screaming storms of life
Cannot destroy your fragile house
If you are founded on the rock

The faithful rock is strong and sure
And won’t break or let you down
Even in wildest tempest’s roar

The rock will stand when all else shatters
Fall apart and scatters
Eternity is in his hold. He is firmly holding you
In time the sands are washed away
But His foundation’s strong and true.

Don’t build your life on worthless sand
On popularity or health, on fading beauty, fame or wealth

These grains will trickle through your grasping hand
Trust in his love, to bring you fruitful life
His endless care, to help your small house stand.

© Ruth McMaster