May Gathering

9th May 2017

Jesus at the Sea of Tiberias
“Cast your net to the right side of the boat”

The morning began with a reading from John 21 v 1-15 and by the end of the session “every time I looked, everyone was engrossed and focussed on fish”
The range of skill in each of the activities was wonderful.

The printed fish using oil paint and rollers to create patterns was so colourful and effective. The Hama bead designs of fish boats and the cross though fiddly, were bright images created from the reading. The sewn and stuffed fish were individually designed and took on their own characters! whilst  the clay fish were patterned and shaped with great care.

In creative writing some profound thoughts emerged.

The final display up the aisle was a glorious tribute encouraging us to think of the image of Jesus and his disciples having breakfast on the beach.

Why not come and join us and share in praise, activities and delicious soup on Tuesday June 13th before we take a summer break?

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