May 2018 Gathering

8th May 2018

“The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes”
Mark 6:30-44

The worship began with joyful songs followed by the reading and prayers led by Alex.

Today’s activities based on the reading included making a print block and designing a pattern with it on a fish outline. The artistry and the colourful range of patterns were wonderful.

David had a more challenging paper folding activity this month which was to make a rectangular box to represent a basket.

A new and unusual craft activity involved recycling plastic carrier bags, thus an assortment of objects were designed including a flower and a fish.

There were both oil and chalk pastels for free drawing, and opportunities for conversation and laughter encouraged at each activity.

The writing table was well used this time with acrostic poems using the word fishes or loaves or the challenge of composing a haiku.

At the end of the morning, anyone who wished to talk about the activities they had been part of was invited to share their thoughts.

After grace was sung lunch followed, with a choice of cream of cauliflower soup or tomato and basil from the soup book.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday June 12th. We look forward to meeting you then.

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