May 2024 Writing

So many memories come from the songs we sing,
When we walk with the Lord, as those did on the Emmaus road.
We start with uncomprehending wonder and gain
So much by walking with Him,
As He draws near.
Songs so often pin the memory as do
Actions that catch us unaware and remind us.
They just know that in that moment of
Bewilderment, things started to make sense.
Drawing from their hearts the invitation
“Abide with us”
We want that connection. But then He left for Heaven
Bereft again homesick for His abiding presence
They waited / we wait
Until a promise that He made draws near,
Very near and becomes fulfilled
They were given the promised Holy Spirit
And we are too.
We can sing with certainty
“Holy Spirit we welcome you”

© Chris Graham, Kingdom Arts Worcester May 2024

A Mighty Fire

The first spark begins
Within the welcoming, comforting
God filled womb.
Nurtured for the world
As birth overtakes us.
Lord help us build a mighty fire
From that holy spark.
With flames rising to heaven
Full of Godly love
Ready to spread world-wide.
Feeling breezes spurring us on
Seeing the passing seasons
In all their beauty
Spreading and receiving love
In all its different shapes
Burning away unrest and pain.
May the colours and warmth
Fill the world.

© Helen McNichol, Kingdom Arts Worcester May 2024

Holy, Sacred, Eternal Spirit.

Holy Spirit
Sent from God: made of God
Entering the world like a storm-force wind
To fill us and fulfil us alway.

Sacred Spirit
Gift from God: part of God
Igniting my heart like a fiery flame
Enfold me, protect me I pray

Eternal Spirit
Gift from God: made of God
Come like a fateful messenger
Speak to my soul and stay.

© Barbara Rolison, Kingdom Arts Worcester May 2024