April 2024 Writing

Take it to the Lord in prayer

See from His head, His hands, His feet
Sorrow and love flow mingled down
Carried then carried now
Jesus you died alone.
Deep the wounds of love punishment in my place
Ugliness, brutality, violence, intransigence, pain, death
Jesus you knew it all then
You know it all now
Trouble, sorrow, weakness, loneliness, our rubbish!
Take it to the lord in prayer
He is there always
From His tears comes our joy
From His death our life shall be forever.

© Lesley Brown Kingdom Arts April 2024

Bead prayer

Lord Jesus draw near and hear my prayer
My prayer for mankind – Hear my prayer
A new baby born free into the unknown – Hear my prayer
A child loved from birth – Hear my prayer
A child unloved and used – Hear my prayer
Grows into adulthood stepping into freedom – Hear my prayer
Grows into adulthood seeking sanctuary – Hear my prayer
Risen Christ re make us all in your image – Hear my prayer
That we may be filled with your Holy Spirit
And be free spirits walking in your kingdom – Hear my prayer
Be alongside each one of us – Hear my prayer
The beloved son or daughter – Hear my prayer
The slave, the killer, the soldier – Hear my prayer
The homeless, the lonely – Hear my prayer
Risen Christ draw us into your embrace – Hear my prayer

© Jenny English Kingdom Arts April 2024