May 2023 Gathering

May 9th

Normally, our sessions are led by Alex and Sue, but Alex was unable to attend because of illness, so Sue introduced today’s theme

The clue to today’s ‘Heroes of Faith’ was the display on the carpet: – emblems of a flag, a badge, photographs, quotations and tambourines.

This month’s “Heroes of Faith” was William and Catherine Booth, founders of the Salvation Army.

We began with a short period of worship which included singing and prayer. Then Barbara told the story of the amazing lives of William and Catherine Booth and the foundation of the Salvation Army and explained the symbolism of their emblem. Many of us were not aware of the important role Catherine had. It was a very interesting talk and you might like to search the internet to find out more for yourselves. If you search for ‘William and Catherine Booth’, you will find a wealth of information.

The morning’s activities included making family tree banners. This was prompted by the ‘Family tracing’ service offered by the Salvation Army’ and attracted several people. There was some inventive gluing rather than stitching and plenty of discussion.

The ongoing project for book making with colourful covers and glued and stitched pages was guided by Sue who was on hand to assist and advise, with some completing their book with inside pages which was so satisfying.

The colouring activity was popular and aided mindfulness and great concentration.

There was also much debating at the writing table.

The prayerful knitting was available as usual, which is very calming and meditative activity with time to rest and pray.

Coffee and cake were available throughout the morning. Thank you, Margaret and Carolyn.

Finally, there was the opportunity to exhibit and share our art work before we sang with an unusual accordion and tambourine accompaniment “I’ll go in the strength of the Lord.”

The prayer and the blessing completed our morning and we moved to the Magdalene room for Jan’s home-made soup, where we were offered a choice of tomato and apple, or spinach, with bread and cheese, cake and fruit. They were, as usual, delicious.

We all wish Alex a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her soon.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday June 13th starting at 10.00am with coffee from 9.30, and a shared picnic lunch.
We pray for a fine day so that we are able to gather in the garden.

A warm Kingdom Arts welcome awaits all.