March Gathering

14th March 2017

Jesus visits the city of Jericho

“Go your faith has made you well”

The meeting began with reading Mark 10 v 46-52 and thinking about Jesus healing the blind man.

The March theme was based on a labyrinth.

Editor: For those who don’t know (I didn’t), although a labyrinth may look like a maze, it’s not the same. A maze can have lots of different paths, some of which may be dead-ends. A labyrinth has only one path which leads you from the entrance to the goal; there are no alternative routes or dead-ends.

A huge cloth labyrinth was laid out to walk upon and assist our praying or thinking. This month’s activities included painting, colouring and stitching a labyrinth onto cloth or paper. The finished items could be put into the small fabric bags which were sewn last month to assist in prayer. A labyrinth to write thoughts on was also available.

The textile tree of life was further enhanced with embellishments added and the many leaves and birds are a delight to look at and to touch with so many different textures, soft, smooth, raised, bumpy and fluffy come to mind!

The large Celtic cross is intricate and beautiful to see developing and we were delighted to have David back directing developments as the colouring in of the Celtic patterns always needs much concentration. David’s new challenge, which many took up, was Balsa wood cut outs.
Prayerful knitting has grown to completion and is now to be “cast off”. So look out for something new next month!

The sharing at the end of the morning was most enjoyable with many excellent thoughts on the ups and downs in life’s journey.
This month’s soup was carrot, orange and hint of ginger, deliciously different. Thank you to Jan.

We meet again on Tuesday April 4th [a week earlier than usual] please come and join us.

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