March 2024 Writing

He is risen Alleluia
His light will shine forever
He is risen Alleluia
Eternal King we praise you

He is risen Alleluia
Peace to all your children

He is risen Alleluia
We give you glory and praise

He is risen Alleluia
It is finished, and God reigns!

© Julie H Kingdom Arts March 2024


Can we capture the essence of our paradoxical Lord?
Our leader of soul and body,
Touching humankind and heaven through light and darkness,
Who spreads the scent of heaven across all human endeavour.
Sending cleansing breezes to heal deep wounds
Releasing blocked entrances for joyful song and dance.
Wiping visible and hidden tears with outstretched hands.
But most of all
Let us absorb God’s overwhelming peace.
Simply love Him with all our hearts
As He loves us.

© Helen McNicholl Kingdom Arts March 2024