March 2023 Gathering

March 14th

This month’s activities were inspired by the life of

Mary Jones (1794-1864)

who lived in Abergynolwyn, Wales. As a young girl, her desire to possess a bible of her own caused her to save for 6 years, walk 26 miles barefoot to meet the only individual in the area who sold Bibles – the Reverend Thomas Charles.

He was so impressed by Mary’s visit, he proposed the formation of a society to supply reasonably priced Bibles to the people of Wales, eventually leading to the ‘The British and Foreign Bible Society’ – now ‘The Bible Society’.

An array of Bibles was displayed, [the oldest dated from 1611] with Welsh symbols of fabric, flags and daffodils, not forgetting leeks and a photograph of Mary Jones.

They indicated that the theme would reflect the passion of this amazing young woman and her barefoot walk to buy a bible.

As usual, we began our morning with a short time of worship including song and prayer.

Jan B gave a very heart-warming talk about Mary Jones and others who were so desperate to have a bible and to use it. The story of a young Ugandan boy who Jan and her husband had visited, to take him a bible which was what he really wanted and was delighted to receive, was the most touching.

The theme certainly inspired some wonderful and deeply thoughtful writing.

To see this month’s creative writing, click here.

All manner of other creative activities was on offer this morning, including an ongoing project for book making with colourful covers and glued and stitched pages this was guided by guided by Sue and Karen.


We were shown how to make Welsh Daffodil and Easter Cross cards using a rag rugging technique by prodding strips of coloured material into small squares of hessian . The hessian was then mounted onto a folded card.

Painting some suncatchers with acrylic paint to hang in the windows at home.

The “6 Beats One Story” was played during the morning. This is a journey through the Bible in spoken word poetry. Beat 1 “Origins” was watched which was the first 3 Chapters of Genesis.
We hope to bring a different “beat” each month.

You can watch and listen to this presentation on The Bible Society website.

The link below will take you to the correct page (please note if you click the link, you will leave the Kingdom Arts website), then you just need to scroll down to find “Beat 1 – Origins”

Click here >> Bible Society : Six Beats One Story

The prayerful knitting was available as usual, which is very calming and meditative activity with time to rest and pray.

Coffee and biscuits were available throughout the morning. Thank you, Pam and Carolyn.

Finally, there was the opportunity to exhibit and share our art work, and talk about how the activities made us feel.

Sue enthralled us as she played the harp and filled the church with music and we finished with the Lord’s Prayer in Welsh (a recording as no one present could speak Welsh!), and a blessing.

Jan’s home-made soup offered a choice of red pepper or pea and mint. They were flavoursome and warming. The selection of cake was also much enjoyed, with the addition of home-made Welsh cakes especially made for the occasion. Thank you, Christine.

Unfortunately, the meeting on April 18th has had to be cancelled.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday May 9th starting at 10.00am with coffee from 9.30.  The theme of Heroes of Faith continues and the ever-popular soup lunch and a warm Kingdom Arts welcome awaits all.