March 2022 Gathering

March 8th

Today was the first of a series looking at the lives of influential Christians and we began with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Jan B talked to us about the life and determination of this most charismatic man – really interesting, and well worth researching if you know little of the man.

His influence in moving Christianity forward, particularly in South Africa, was amazing, from very humble beginnings which he never forgot.

Today’s theme was based on Africa

The morning’s activities included two activities inspired by African designs and prints:-

Printing by hand – based on the designs on the colourful African fabrics laid out in the centre isle with African artefacts. This will continue next month.

Appliqué – a beautiful and delicate stitch craft. The designs were taken from a small portion of African fabric pattern.

Rainbow spinners – as the colours of the spinners combined, they reminded us that all people, whatever their appearance or creed, can live together and share our world – even if it often doesn’t happen. An activity which took many of us back to childhood and caused much merriment and excitement in twirling a rainbow coloured revolving disk.

Work in progress:-


African drumming and songs – Sue led a drumming workshop in the Magdalene room where we learned two African songs and played a variety of drums and percussion, which became the finale at our sharing at the end of the morning with an opportunity for everyone to join in and sing and dance!


Performance – including spinners (and dancing???)

Butterflies – a sign of hope – something we all need.

Carolyn was inspired to write this:-

When we see butterflies
And hear the hum of insects
As they hover among the flowers
And the tall, windblown grasses
And feel the gentle caress of the warm breeze,
Then, O Lord, our hearts are raised in joy
And thanksgiving.

It was an uplifting morning with plenty of fun for all.

Unfortunately, our thoughts also turned to the world problems and Ukraine. Our time of worship including prayers for God’s support and guidance for the world leaders during this difficult time. Let us all pray that a solution may be found soon.


Our next meeting is planned for Tuesday April 5th from 9.30.
Please come and join us, but do check this site or our Facebook page before your journey to make sure the session is not cancelled!

It is our aim to return to longer meetings including lunch as soon as we can.