June writing 2023

Nature is God’s Mirror

Nature is God’s Mirror,
In the surrounding forest, the birdsong is God’s chorus,
Squeak, chirrup, crawk, tweet and whistle merge and clash.

Jackdaws swoop on the bird feeders, kicking the seed to the ground like angry teenagers and pecking it below, still squabbling.
Beneath blue tits hang on the peanuts, then swoop out, and in again, perching high to clean their beaks.
On the ground where more seed spilled a blackbird and a bullfinch hop and peck choosing their favourite, while a pigeon gobbles greedily in great haste to collect all the seeds.

At the margins of the loch, the ground granite crystals of sand sparkle in a shaft of sunlight.
The clear shallow water slurps at the edge in rhythmic sounds, while a wagtail strolls along just avoiding the wavelets.
Nature is God’s mirror.

© Barbara Rolison